A home isn’t a happy place without hot water. As one of the busiest appliances in the home your hot water system takes all the heat.

If your hot water system is not performing as it used to, don’t delay and have it looked it may just save you a lot of money.

An expensive item to replace it is recommended that you service your hot water system regularly during its life. Doing so can extend its service to you by years.

Drain Wizards Perth can come and diagnose any problem for you, and if your system has reached the end of its life, source a new system and replace it for you. Mike can provide you with all your options and give advice on what would suit your home and lifestyle best.

Hot Water Systems – service or replace

About Hot Water Systems

There are two basic types of hot water units - storage and instant. With 3 power sources, gas electric and solar


Water is stored in a cylinder and heated slowly for later use, saving power.


  • High flow rates
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Service Life 7-12 Years
  • More service if anodes are replaced every 2-3 years


  • Water can run out depending on size of unit. With a variance of 5-20 minutes.

(Gas on left, Electric on right)

Note: Bylaws have changed in recent years, requiring drains on the overflows and also other changes that Drain Wizards Perth can install which comply with all current Bylaws.


Heated on demand. (i.e when tap is opened)


  • Never runs out of hot water
  • Only uses power when tap is turned on


  • High power consumption
  • Possibly requiring larger gas pipes/electric mains

Sample Installations

Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water System Installation - showing termination of relief drain

Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water System - showing termination of relief drain