Blocked Drain

Many blocked drains inside the house can be caused by problems in outdoor under the ground plumbing. As trees grow or renovations are made pressure can be applied to the pipe work, resulting in cracks and invasions of tree roots into the pipe system. Drain Wizards Perth can inspect and detect these problems using state of the art technology. Their pipe inspection system sends a camera system down your drain looking for the source of your problem and once found can pinpoint its location so mike needs only to dig up a small area of the garden to access the pipes and repair or replace the pipe work.

At times the blockage is caused by build up in the drain which slows the drainage flow so can be fixed using one of Mike other high tech tools. Blockages can often be removed by sending a high-pressure water cleaning hose down the pipes and blasting the blockage, breaking it up and dispersing it until it all washes away saving you time and the expense of digging up the pipe work.


Pipe inspections

Unblock drains

Repair or replace broken drainage

Tap ware – repair or replace

Hot water systems – service and replace

Gas BBQ Points

Outdoor Plumbing Samples

Drainage Pipe Replacement

We cut through a concrete path all around the house and replaced all earthen ware drains with PVC pipes as the old pipes were infested with roots blocking the drains.

New Home Plumbing Repair

A new home completed by another plumber who didn't clear the drains when grand workers had broken drain under the driveway. The job required lifting grand work and replacing a complete section of the drain.